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  1. enable the development of individual potential
  2. promote human dignity and respect
  3. promote self-determination of individual
  4. emphasize to provide services through an ongoing process of awareness, participation and sharing.
  5. strive to promote a caring community grounded on truth, love, justice and freedom
Child Care Service
With God’s love, basing on holistic human development, to provide child care and pre-school education to children aged 2-6 from low income, single parent and working parents families; so as to foster the balance development of children in social, intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual and aesthetic aspects
Youth & Community Service
Aims to promote integral human development of young people and communities through the process of understanding, concern, participation and co-responsibility
Family Service
Provides professional service to maintain the family, facilitating harmonious relationship among family members, and developing potential to face challenges. With God’s love, starting in a family, going along with grace, acceptance with affection, communication with peace, for building up harmony
Rehabilitation Service
Provides comprehensive and effective rehabilitation training, sheltered work facilities, residential care, employment counseling, social and recreational activities to disabled young children, mentally retarded adults and ex-mentally ill persons, so as to develop their potential and capabilities, so that they can live independently and participate actively in community
Services for the Elderly
Provides community care and supportive services to those aged 60 or above, so as to maintain their well being and quality of life, to uphold their self-respect and ability to remain an active member in the community
Community Development Service
Aims to encourage people to dedicate themselves to the development of genuine human communities through a constant process of awareness, participation and sharing
SQS1* The service unit ensures that a clear description of its purpose, objectives and mode of service delivery is publicly available.
SQS2 The service unit should review and update the documented policies and procedures describing how it will approach key service delivery issues.
SQS3 The service unit maintains accurate and current records of service operations and activities.
SQS4 The roles and responsibilities of all staff, managers, the Management Committee and/or the Board or other decision-making bodies should be clearly defined.
SQS5 The service unit/agency implements effective staff recruitment, contracting, development, training, assessment, deployment and disciplinary practices.
SQS6* The service unit regularly plans, reviews and evaluates its own performance, and has an effective mechanism by which service users, staff and other interested parties can provide feedback on its performance.
SQS7 The service unit implements policies and procedures to ensure effective financial management.
SQS8* The service unit complies with all relevant legal obligations.
SQS9 The service unit takes all reasonable steps to ensure that it provides a safe physical environment for its staff and service users.
SQS10* The service unit ensures that service users have clear and accurate information about how to enter and leave the service.
SQS11* The service unit has a planned approach to assessing and meeting service users’ needs (whether the service user is an individual, family, group or community).
SQS12* The service unit respects the service users' right to make informed choices of the service they receive as far as practicable.
SQS13* The service unit respects the service users’ rights in relation to private property.
SQS14* The service unit respects the service users’ rights for privacy and confidentiality.
SQS15 Each service user and staff member is free to raise and have addressed, without fear of retribution, any complaints he or she may have regarding the agency or the service unit.
SQS16* The service unit takes all reasonable steps to ensure that service users are free from abuse.

Implementation Procedures of “Best Practice Manual” (Traditional Chinese version and English version only)

  *The formulation of this SQS will be responsible by individual service units. Please refer to the unit for details.
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