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1. Volunteer Service of Caritas – Hong Kong
Caritas – Hong Kong (Caritas) being the official social service agency of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong, provides social work services, education services and medical services to the Hong Kong community. The motto of Caritas is:

◇ to help the underprivileged and the vulnerable
◇ to enable people to actualize their potential
◇ to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation
◇ to nurture a spirit of reciprocity to the community from which the people have benefited

The Social Work Services Division (Division) serves the community through 150 service units from over 100 locations, by providing multi-services to the vulnerable groups which include children, adolescents and youths, families, women, seniors, mentally handicapped and disabled persons.

With the active participation and enthusiastic commitment from our 10,000 volunteers, the Division is able to provide services to numerous communities and people from all walks of life. The volunteers bring love and hope to the needy and the vulnerable groups through their caring and selfless services.
2. Are You Interested to Join?
No matter you are a primary school student, a secondary school student, a college or university student, a working person, a home maker, a retired person or a senior, you are welcome to join our volunteers group. You can join on personal, family, school or corporate basis.Should you be interested, please fill out the forms below:
Individual volunteer (Enquiry: 2843-4625)
Corporate volunteer (Enquiry: 3589-2277)
3. Forms of Volunteer Service
◇ provide activities for the vulnerable groups
◇ visit the vulnerable groups/ provide escort services
◇ organize community education/ large scale community activities
◇ help in Caritas Bazaar
◇ co-organize activities with the parishes
◇ participate in peer mentorship scheme to support the needy
4. Service Targets
The targets include singleton seniors, feeble seniors, the newly arrived children and families, the children and families of the ethnic minority communities, long term patients, mental health illness survivors, disabled persons, etc.
5. Training for Volunteers
Training will be provided to the volunteers when deemed necessary, which includes rules for volunteers, communication skills, guidelines for service, etc, so as to better equip volunteers in their services to the community.
6. Recognition of Volunteers
The various services of the Division will organize recognition and award projects, to show appreciation to the continuous commitment of the volunteers.
volunteers in a community education activity handicapped people in a community performance volunteers providing service to the ethnic minority children youth volunteers organizing computer course for seniors
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