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Annual Financial Report (2013-2014)
Income HK$ (m)
A. Government Subvention    
 1. Lump Sum Grant   640.336
 2. Provident Fund   71.604
 3. Central Items   51.311
 4. Rent & Rates Subsidies  


B. Fee Income   46.240
C. Other Income   16.810
D. Interest Received   3.029
  Total Income 852.758
A. Personal Emoluments    
 1. Salaries   602.990
 2. Provident Fund   59.732
 3. Allowances   2.342
B. Other Charges   104.995
C. Central Items   47.044
D. Rent and Rates   27.594
  Total Expenditure 844.697
  Surplus for the year 8.061

Represented by

A. Annual Surplus/ (Deficit) (6.941) 1
B. Central Items: Surplus/ (Deficit) 4.267  
C. Rent & Rates: Surplus/ (Deficit) (4.166)  
D. Provident Fund Reserve: Surplus/ (Deficit) 11.872 2
E. Interest 3.029  


1. The deficit will be absorbed by Interest Received and the Lump Sum Grant Reserve. As at 31 March 2014, the cumulative
  Reserve Fund is $174.638 million. The reserve will be used to improve service quality and to absorb the deficit of staff
2. The surplus will be transferred to the Provident Fund Reserve Account. As at 31 March 2014, the Cumulative Reserve
  Fund is $93.658 million. The reserve will be used to improve the provident fund scheme for staff.
3. Audited Annual Financial Report


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