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Child Care Service
The Initial Stage, the Critical Stage – Stationing Nursery School Social Worker Pilot Project
Children Advanced Talent and Education Related Programme (CATERP)
Youth and Community Service
Project Hyacinth- Prevention of Repeat Pregnancy
‘Lively Children, Happy Parents’ Supportive Services to Specific Learning Disabilities Families
Infinity Teens – Cyber Youth Outreaching Project
Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project (2015/16)
Gato House
Community Development Service
Early Identification and Promotion of Mental Health through Community-based Prevention Program for Individuals Struggling with Depressive Symptoms
Family Service
Caritas Family Crisis Line and Education Centre
Family Mediation
Caritas Family Service – Sex Therapy
Caritas A G Counselling Centre (Gambling Counselling Service)
Caritas Project on Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Caritas Specialised Treatment and Prevention Project against Sexual Abuse
◇A Community Support Network Project for the Early Screening and Intervention for Preschool Children with ADHD Symptom
◇BUY (Build Up Your) Career Project
◇Reaching the Unreachables and Breaking Codependency – Support Platform for Family Members of Substance Abusers
Caritas Jockey Club ‘Life Coaching’ Community Support Network
Caritas Specialised Treatment and Prevention Project Against Sexual Violence
Rehabilitation Service
Caritas Rehabilitation Service LEAD
“Cheers” --- The Project for Persons with Disabilities in the Time of Aging
Services for the Elderly
Digital Learning for Elderly
Ning An Scheme
Child Care Service
Sixth Hong Kong Green School Award
Youth and Community Service
Go Green Awards 2014
Outstanding Partnership Project Award
2017 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare
Outstanding Community Project Award and Outstanding District Efforts Award – Wong Tai Sin
Family Service
Quality Education Fund Outstanding Project Award
The Caring Company Scheme 2007/08 - Outstanding Partnership Project Award
Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare - Outstanding Award
The 6th Hong Kong Volunteer Award
Services for the Elderly
The Social Welfare Department Best Opportunities for the Elderly Project (OEP) 2007-08 and the Decade Grand OEP Prize
The Meritorious Award in Safety Enhancement Program Award at the 7th Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Award organized by the Occupational Safety & Health Council
The Outstanding Partnership Project Award of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service Caring Company 2008/09
HKCSS Good Practice Award (Non-thematic Stream) Outstanding Project
HKCSS Good Practice Award (Non-thematic Stream) Synergy Project
The eCare® was the HK ICT Awards 2018
Social Work Services Division
Performance Management and Measurement Tools (PMMT)
Human Resources Management (HRM)
Implementation Procedures of “Best Practice Manual”
Youth and Community Service
Computerization in Membership Information and Registration Management System
Rehabilitation Service
5-S Implementation
ISO 9001: 2000
Services for the Elderly
5-S (Hong Kong 5-S Association)
Accreditation System for Residential Care Services for Elders in Hong Kong
Child Care Service
Quality Review
Surveillance System of Infectious Diseases of Child Care Centres
Youth and Community Service
Family Service
Rehabilitation Service
Services for the Elderly
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