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Grateful to meet
Have you ever met someone or experienced a certain life journey which is haunting you until now?

Crying but wouldn’t let it go, regretting yet unable to complete?

<Grateful to meet…>, this book is compiled of life stories from our Caritas’ service users and existing/ experienced retired staff: all of them have experienced difficulties, sufferings, struggles, or been abandoned, deprived of dignity, loss of confidence. Some of them even got stuck in the desperate abyss of seeing no life meaning. However, since they met Caritas, their life had finally reached the turning point: a new page of their life therefore had been uncovered.

As time went by, people had gradually let go the past. On the contrary, they appreciated those different encounters, which had made them to be unique. It turned out that all of us were able to be ‘grateful to meet…’. We now sincerely recommend this warm and encouraging story book to you, to let love pass on.

“Corporate Partnership with Caritas” Booklet

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Caritas Social Work Services Division is thankful to various corporate and groups which collaborated with Caritas in the past, in providing many meaningful services and projects to vulnerable communities.

This booklet records some of the collaborative projects to share our experience with the community.  It is expected that with exchange and sharing of experience, more corporate and groups can be mobilized and/or sustain their collaboration with Caritas in building a relational society.

Solid Practice V
In the past, Caritas have been striving for innovative and pioneer services, in order to meet the challenges and respond to the evolving needs of the community. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Caritas-Hong Kong, Social Work Services Division is publishing “Solid Practice V”-- a record of the innovative and pioneer services from our colleagues, to facilitate mutual learning and sharing.

1. 破冰起航-「一切由幼開始,駐幼兒學校社會工作服務計劃」挑戰與前瞻
2. 跨境學童「家庭、學校與社區協作模式」的經驗與啓示
3. Discovering Invisible Communities
4. 從包容、接納到支援年輕媽媽的歷程
5. 前路茫茫vs前路漫漫:特殊學習障礙社區為本服務的前景
6. 「走過思覺五年」賽馬會思覺健康計劃經驗分享
7. 「為誰掙扎;為誰忙!」深宵外展回顧
8. Nānnan
9. 本地青少年網上文化如何構建網上輔導的發展
10. 從緩減傷害到康復之路-社區層面戒毒輔導
11. 建立基層住屋困難戶身份的組織工作
12. 明愛展睛中心的戒賭輔導服務
13. 價值觀的培育-以多元形式在校推行性教教育
14. 「活在當下」身心調息小組: 明愛曉暉計劃-童年創傷輔導服務
15. Service Model to Build a Relational Community in Integrated Family Service Centre
16. 外化問題,承擔責任,確立新身份-以敍事理念,實踐與曾有過「性侵犯他人問題」的人的社群共行
17. 專業合作,服務創新:3P正向管教課程及遊戲輔導技巧於減輕學前兒童發展遲緩的 應用與反思
18. 盼望「兒童為本遊戲治療」在家庭服務中發揮更大效用- 體會人與模式合一的重要
19. Developing a Parent Emotion Management Group: An Evidence-based Social Work Practice
20. We Hear. We Care.
21. 知行易徑小組於過度消費人士的應用及反思
22. 復元概念的實踐:為精神病康復者而設的朋輩支援服務
23. 應用「認知治療」協助有特殊需要幼兒子女的家長-漸進式的家長介入模式
24. Changing the “Stubborn” Mind: Make Good Use of Here-and-Now
25. 愛自己.愛生活.身心康復小組經驗分享
26. 應用園藝治療有助促進智障人士的身心及社交發展
27. Superflex訓練課程-提升自閉症兒童的社交思考能力
28. 反思長者參與模式-「明愛長者聯會」十年回顧
29. 園藝治療在長者服務的應用及實踐
30. Making an “Unfalling Legend” : An Anti-fall Programme for the Elderly in Hong Kong
31. 「寧安服務計劃」之生命關顧工作
32. 以「資產」補「缺欠」-建立社區能力的介入策略的應用經驗
33. 閱讀男人心-從解碼到解放
34. 飛躍拓展新里程
35. 向焦慮說「不」-家長焦慮情緒處理經驗分享
Conference on Promoting Community Mental Health – Issues, Achievements and Visioning into the Future

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Caritas Social Work Services organized the “Conference on Promoting Community Mental Health”, from 15 -17 December 2009. The Conference aimed at providing platforms for our staff members and mental health service practitioners from overseas, and from other organizations, to share their work experiences so as to facilitate mutual learning and inter-discipline and inter-organization collaboration. This brochure records the abstract of keynote speeches, plenary sessions, parallel sessions and workshops.
Booklet on “Partnership in Serving the Community”
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In the past, units of Caritas Social Work Services have invited different stakeholders to be our partners to organize various meaningful projects to serve more deprived people. Through the process of collaboration, we can initiate innovative ideas and develop human potentials to serve more people with quality and professional service. This booklet records some of the collaborative projects to share our experience with the community.

Solid Practice IV – Mental Health Service
Caritas Social Work Services Division has been providing appropriate mental health services to people of Hong Kong. Presently, the service units of the Division are providing comprehensive supportive services to people suffering from mental health problems, survivors and their family members. The intervention strategy and work approach is diversified and the scope of service target is extensive. This book will give a clear picture on the innovative service projects of the Division in promoting community mental health.

Content Highlights:
◇The Study of “Smile” Model in Working with Depressive Persons in Group
◇The Exploratory Study of the Concept of Recovery of the Young People with Early Psychosis
◇Explorative Study on the Needs of the Parents with Children Suffering from Early Psychosis by In-depth Interview of Three Cases
◇Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Provision of Training for People with Chronic Schizophrenia
Solid Practice III – Casebook of Social and Therapeutic Interventions
◇In the first and second parts of Solid Practice III, we have incorporated contributions from some former Caritas staff, former service trainees or volunteers, and distinguished guest authors from overseas. 6 former staff members shared their fond memories at Caritas, testifying to the special cultural environment that nurtured their professional growth, and their meaningful service to our community in Caritas’ earlier days, in the 70’s and 80’s.

◇In the third part of Solid Practice III, our present staff share with the field workers their endeavours, their creativity and the skills to provide an outstanding experience for a specific group of service users.

◇This book will not only give beginners a better insight into the field of social service, but that it will also enhance our professional commitment to serve our community. (extracted from Preface in Solid Practice III by Dr. Joyce S.H. Chang)
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