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The motto of Caritas “Love in the Service of Hope” encapsulates the core of its mission, which is expressed as follows:
~committed to serving the society at large, in particular, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable
~strive for an integral human development
~strive to foster social cohesion and reconciliation
~strive to foster the spirit of positive contribution to society

To fulfill our mission, we endeavour:
~to bring services to the neediest and the abandoned
~to enable people to develop themselves and to pass from less human to more human conditions as they strive in the social, economic, psychological, physical, moral and spiritual areas of life
~to promote and foster collaboration in service and charity among individuals and within communities


The Division began with the establishment of Family Service in 1960. Throughout its first decade, it catered to the changing society and rapid economic development. In the 70s, day nurseries, Children & Youth Centres and Community Development Projects were set up to provide human development social services to rural areas as well as urban housing estates. Services for the Elderly and Rehabilitation Service for the Mentally Handicapped were established in the 80s.

Services are provided by the Division to almost all sectors of the disadvantaged in our community, ranging from pre-school children to the frail elderly as well as to special need groups such as the new arrivals, the unemployed, youth at risk, women, the disabled, mentally ill, and drug addicts. It has also developed services to promote social integration and mutual care.

At present, the Division operates 143 subvented service units and 28 non-subvented service units with staff of 3,782 (as at March 2022). Of these, one third are multi-discipline professionals, social workers, nurses, teachers, psychologists and various therapists, providing expert services.

1. Structure
The Social Work Committee composed of members of the public with special expertise, which is appointed by Caritas as an establishment of the advisory structure. The Committee will provide expert opinions on the development, resources mobilization and service quality of the Division.
~Members of Social Work Committee: (year 2023 – 2025)
Chairman: Ms Maggie Chan
Members: Rev. Joseph T.L. Yim
  Rev. Dominique Mukonda
  Mr. Alex H.K. Fan
  Dr. Angel C. K. Lee
  Ms.Anita M.Y. Lee
  Mr. Stephen Li
  Mr. Kennedy Liu
  Prof. Terry Y.S. Lum
  Dr. Peter T.K. Tsoi, JP
  Ms. Annie Tam, GPS, JP
  Prof. Tsui Ming Sum
  Prof. To Siu Ming
Secretary: Ms. Carmen Lee
3. Director and Service Heads
The Director of Social Work Services Division, aided by his Service Heads, is responsible for the implementation of the Organisation’s policy and its own Service Division aims and objectives. It also manages and coordinates the overall activities and evaluation.
~Members of the Social Work Services Division:
Director: Ms. Carmen Lee
Service Head, Child Care Service: Ms. Gloria Leung
Service Head,Youth & Community Service
cum Community Development Service:
Mr. Charlie Chan
Service Head, Family Service: Ms. Eliza Lam
Service Head, Rehabilitation Service: Ms. Luke Kit Ling
Service Head, Services for the Elderly: Ms. Doris Yu
Service Head, Service Development: Mr. Kevin Lau
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